Abstract and Contest Submissions

All abstracts are due on March 13, 2024 at 5:00 pm

Abstracts are limited to a maximum of 300 words

Abstract Submissions

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1. Email Address

2. Year and Degree Type

If you are a 1st year student, you have the option to opt out of getting written feedback from faculty/post-doc judges.

This is only available to first year students

1st Year, MS
2nd Year +, MS
1st Year, PhD
2nd Year, PhD
3rd Year, PhD

3. Preferred Presentation Type

Poster, Talk, or No Preference

4. Degree Standing (PhD only)

PhD pre-comps or PhD post-comps

5. Any Day/Time You are NOT Available to Give a Talk

Thursday Morning
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6. How is the Research Classified

Computational Geophysics        Geomorphology
Geodynamics                     Structural Geology
Geodesy                         Isotope and Biogeochemistry
Hydrogeology                    Petrology
Glaciology and Climate          Seismology
Paleontology & Paleoecology     Other
Sedimentary Processes 

7. Is the Talk or Poster Related to Petroleum Research

Yes or No

8. Your Name, Abstract Title, Abstract Coauthors, and Abstract Body

Photo Contest Entries

Optional: The winners will get their pictures featured on the graduate student colloquium schedule and on the website!

Photo Contest: Submit up to 2 photographs from your field site/a scenic landscape.

1. Title the Image File:


2. Submit The Photo to the following email:

geogradcolloquium@gmail.com. Format the subject title as "Photo<lastName><FirstName>"

      **Note, the winning photos will be printed in black and white.**